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What our clients say about us
I wanted to express my sincere thanks for your assistance throughout my first dental practice purchase. The whole of the process over the last 6 months has been stressful at times but Jane Chadwick and the team at Lily head Dental Practice Sales have always been very organised and kept things on track. Jane liaised expertly between all the parties and the various solicitors and accountants involved. There are a lot of plates to keep spinning and having people who understand the process has been immeasurably helpful. When I look to buy my next practice I hope I will find it through Lily Head.

Joe McCrae

Dovecoat Dental Health Care

We are the start of our dental practice buying journey and feel Asha Lad has been very helpful and goes above and beyond to provide information and assistance when buying a practice. Asha is professional and always easy to reach and get advice from. I talk to some other brokers and find they do not seem to respect people who want to buy as much as I would like.

Hardip Aujla

Abi Greenhough and Asha Lad at Lily Head Dental Practice Sales were fantastic at steering the sale of our practice during a record sale time of 8-9 weeks. Abi understood our goals and objectives and aligned us with a suitable buyer, Colosseum Dental. Abi also helped negotiate the best post sale deal with the buyers. I would have no hesitation recommending Lily Head Dental Practice Sales to friends and colleagues for any dental practice sale or acquisition.

George Savva

Alexandra Dental Care

I could not recommend Helen Cheskin at Lily Head Dental Practice Sales enough. Her determination and excellent communication throughout made the purchase process of buying my dental practice as stress free as possible. Thanks again for all your the hard work.

Tim Bond

Rugby Smiles

We would like to say a huge thank you to Helen Cheskin of Lily Head Dental Practice sales for helping us sell our dental practice. Helen’s expertise, dedication and knowledge helped us get an outstanding result, and steer the sale through what has been a very challenging time. Helen is a pleasure to deal with and we have no hesitation in recommending her and the wider team to any colleagues wishing to sell their dental practice.

Bruno & Joanne Wilkinson

St Clements Dental

Hope is a powerful thing. It inspires us to do the impossible and helps us carry on during difficult times. When you hope, things are more likely to turn out the way you want them to. Why? Because you’re willing to do everything it takes to make it happen. Our journey for buying our first dental practice began with just a simple phone call to Lily Head Dental Practice Sales and we got connected to Asha Lad. Asha very promptly gave details of a dental practice on sale and gave us all the information in relation to the practice. We were giving our thoughts on how to proceed and the world came to a stand still due to COVID-19. We did not have any clue about what’s going to happen with our dream. Will it ever become a reality or will it remain as a dream! The financial system was on a standstill, the banks were obviously getting severely affected and tightened the rules of lending. Despite all, Asha was our ‘guiding angel’ she guided us to approach the right people to get the job done. We took her advice and appointed JCP law firm they are dental lawyers who specialised in Dental field. Chris and Rhianydd were great. We then got another valuable recommendation to appoint Rajiv Lakhani from Dental compliance, yet again a great help with CQC compliance etc. Finally we are now proud owners of a Private Dental Practice and we thank Lily Head and their team for assisting us throughout the process. Asha in Indian means “Hope” and truly without that we would have not achieved our dream.

Romit Sharma

Spa Dental Care

Abi. I’d like to thank you for managing to push through our sale in only two months despite Christmas period and Covid restrictions. It’s an incredible achievement for a process that I know can take months to complete even in less difficult times and I would add that at no time did we feel were we being pushed towards a particular buyer. We were encouraged to keep our options open and completed with the right buyer for us. It suggests to me that your buyers, and the faith and trust they have in you is vital in securing the right deal especially in the times we find ourselves in.

Robyn Hughes

Cheriton Dental Practice

I first met up with Lily Head Dental Practice Sales on the recommendation of my solicitors who advised they would be good fit for me. The Pandemic was upon us as I contacted Asha Lad who was enthusiastic knowledgeable and kind . We quickly had organised several remote viewings as there was only a short lease on our premises so we needed to secure a buyer who would take on the nearby empty shell unit I had already purchased and ideally find an associate to keep the practice operational in the interim. With Asha’s amazing input and help from Martin How at Lily Head Finance we found a buyer who was able to fulfil all our requirements. We recently completed on the sale I am delighted to say. I was very well supported by Asha and the team during this difficult year and can thoroughly recommend Lily Head Dental Practice sales, and especially Asha to any colleagues who are considering which dental broker to appoint. Asha’s commitment to keep everything moving during the sale, find us the perfect buyer with the right terms is deeply appreciated.

Tony Reed

Wells Hill Dental Surgery

Having received several valuations, we decided to engage LilyHead Dental Practice Sales to help us in our Practice sale. The valuation we felt was very honest, and having met with Abi Greenhough, it was clear that Lily head Dental Practice Sales were definitely in tune with our needs and expectations. Abi was very professional and effective in the negotiations and despite the pandemic, the deal went through simply, swiftly and without any problems. I would thoroughly recommend Abi Greenhough and LilyHead Dental Practice Sales.

Gavin Quigley

Cheriton Dental Practice