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A real milestone for dental principals and prospective purchasers was a practice viewing.  The fact that a qualified buyer(s) and often some of their family members were prepared to take time out of their evenings or weekends to travel maybe hundreds of miles, was considered a positive buying sign.

Dental practice viewings are great opportunities for each party to meet and get to know each other.  This of course then forms the basis of one of the most important questions which is ‘how do I feel about working with this person’?

Viewings also enable purchasers to assess the dental practice environment, the local area and also discuss with the vendor any questions they may have.  Or simply validate that the information they are working on is a fair and reflection of the actual dental practice.

Covid 19 changed the way we were able to interact with people and we had to rethink how we could still help dentists make informed decisions but support social distancing and the fact that people were expected to undertake only essential travel.

Now we work with vendors to create 2 – 3 minute videos of their dental practices.  We then share these videos with prospective purchasers.  The videos are not available in the public domain and are shared with specific clients.  Our clients have found that the video tours we provide benefits them in several ways.

Dentists who might otherwise decide not to progress with a viewing decide a practice is of interest to them and arrange a viewing.  Dentists who might decide to view a practice now decide not to.  Vendors only host viewings from dentists who are better informed about the offer.  Vendors are finding that prospective buyers are better qualified and informed about the dental practice.  The videos supports social distancing and Government requirements on travel.

Here is an example of video you can create simply using a smartphone

We provide written instructions and a 5 minute, easy-to-follow video guide on how to get great results.

Once we have received all the footage our digital production team splices everything together, adds the branding and our theme music.

Our digital marketing team also has a fully outsourced solution where our digital production team will visit a dental practice and undertake various kinds of assignments for Principals.

We can support dental practices’ own digital media strategies with professional video content.

Or it may be Principals are simply looking for a record of their dental practice at a particular point in time.

This is an example of the type of content our digital production team can create for your dental practice.

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