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Professional Services for Dentists

All our clients, regardless of whether they are making a purchase or selling a dental practice are advised to appoint a dental specialist solicitor.  Our list only contains solicitors who have earned the highest reputation for professionalism and expertise.

We have a list of preferred solicitors.  Review our list and make some direct approaches.  We research the providers and collate these lists, not for direct financial gain, but because experience has taught us that when clients hire non specialist solicitors it significantly increases the risk of a deal not completing.

Hiring friends or family simply because they are a solicitor often leads to very strained family relationships when decisive action is required to keep deals on track.  Our advice is to hire a solicitor from our recommended list.  This means that you are not only in the hands of someone who is tried and tested. But you will also know that we have a productive relationship with them when working together on your behalf.

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