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Buying a Dental Practice

First up, it is free to register as a buyer with us.

We do not have a tiered system of buyers, so everyone gets the chance to put their best foot forward when they find the dental practice they want to buy.

This also works well for our vendor clients, as it means they get the most choice when it comes to deciding who to sell to.

Buying a dental practice(s) is a milestone in any dentist’s career.  It is important you secure the dental practice that is right for you.

Experience teaches us that the most successful buyers have:

We provide buyers with a Sales Resume that has been approved by the vendor.

The sales resume can be downloaded from our website anytime and is complete, easy to understand and provides a summary and value (£) of the business.

Typical data streams are (but not limited to):

Register as a Buyer

Click on the “Register Online” and register your details and requirements. Please fill out as much information as possible to help us help you! Please also take the time to read and tick the box accepting our NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

Top Tier Buyers

Buyers are eligible for consideration as Top Tier Clients.  Top Tier Clients agree to pay the agents fees on behalf of the vendor.  This is an option for buyers and sellers and is in response to more vendors prioritising buyers who agree to pay our fee.

More information is available when you register as a buyer and log onto your client page within the website.  Registering Practice Sales is confidential and simple.