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Selling a Dental Practice

The first decision you must make in the dental practice sales journey is to put your business on the market.  Either immediately or at to some point in the future.

The second decision you need to make is to decide which specialist dental brokers you should engage to get an initial valuation.  Our clients recommend getting 2 or 3 valuations.  Our clients also recommend you only consider specialist dental brokers that you trust and would like to work with.  That can reach the entire buyer market, not just segments of it.  That have the required expertise, experience and data sets to know the dental market (£).  That have a proven track record of finding clients the right buyer.  And who can negotiate the best outcome for you with the least amount of hassle.

Lily Head Dental Practice Sales has been helping UK dentists exceed their business ambitions through the sale, purchase and financing of dental practices since 2010.  We only work for vendors and can guarantee we will sell your dental practice for significantly more than you could do it yourself.  We can always connect you with a dentist who has appointed us as their trusted advisor.

We also guarantee that we will learn at least two things from you and that you will recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

What Dental Practice Principal can expect from us:

If you are considering your exit strategy or which dental broker to use, then the best time to speak to us was a year ago.  The second best time to speak to us is today (variation on a Chinese proverb about planting trees).

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