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Dental Practice Valuations

Our dental practice valuations are highly regarded by practice finance brokers, dental accountants, Tier 1 lenders and Corporate buyers. Our valuations ensure our clients always have solid benchmarking information which will enable them to make great decisions.

A couple of words of caution. Don’t agree to a valuation from a prospective purchaser. Only get a valuation from a dental broker you can trust that actively manages multiple transactions throughout the UK. It takes that level of experience and information to achieve a valuation which reveals the full value and potential value of your dental practice.

Our Valuations are about the numbers. But they are not all about the numbers. We also evaluate factors such as buyer demand, practice location, scope for growth and capital expenditure.

We conduct dental practice valuations for any number of scenarios:

Dental practice valuations from Lily Head will assess: 

Dental Practice valuations

We then benchmark the data against comparable data sets and consider how this aligns to your objectives. We will guide and support you with our expert, trusted advice.

Your dental practice valuation report will include details on how to improve the value and attractiveness of your dental practice.

Your practice valuation will be carried out by one of our Dental Brokers who will be able to review in detail the methodology we applied to your dental practice valuation.

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