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Abi Greenhough July 5, 2018 No Comments

The reason we host seminars for dentists is so that we can share information, start to develop a personal relationship and take the first steps to earn their  trust.

Seminars for Dentists are a fundamental building block to the relationships we have with our clients.  We want to hear what dentists have to say, but also demonstrate to dentists that now or sometime in the future that we are the best business partner for them.  We want to work with dentists but realise we have to earn that right.

These are group discussions, in convivial surroundings to help dentists decide if what we do is relevant to them and to help them understand where they are in their own personal journey to sell or buy a dental practice.

Hosts and delegates all have some skin in the game.  We host the event and prepare the presentations.  The Dentists commit their time and money in attending.

At Seminars for Dentists the objective is that you learn something and as a result can make better informed decisions about your future.

What can you expect to get from attending an event?

This is the feedback and overall scores from the 21 Dental Principles who attended at an event we co-hosted recently.

Scores out of 10

  • Pre- Seminar Arrangements 9
  • Venue 10
  • Time & Length of the presentations 9
  • Quality of Presentations 9

What was your overall opinion of the programme?

Great information / Informative / Very informative / Good content / Good / Helpful / Very informative & thought provoking.

Which topic would you have liked to spend more time on?

Sale of private practice / Practice Sales / The split was fine as an introduction to selling


Which part of the programme was most relevant to you?

Retirement Planning / Finance / All / Sale of my practice / All of it

We are constantly updating the events and shows we attend.  We always guarantee two things.

  1. A warm welcome
  2. That you will learn something.

For the up to date schedule of events please tap on this link.