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What Makes You Unique?

What makes you unique? - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

What Makes You Unique?

It is well understood that dental practice values (£) are linked to turnover and profitability of the business.  Turnover and profitability are generally aligned with the number of patients registered with a practice and they type of treatments they have.

One of the first priorities of establishing a successful squat dental practice is getting new patients to come through the door and register for the services and treatments.

So increasing patient numbers is a key objective in many scenarios.  It is something I talk to clients about when talking to clients and there are a number of good business coaches who we often recommend.

Techniques Principals can apply to garner more patients are things like, increasing the marketing budget, improved signage at the practice, social media campaigns, local marketing campaigns, an optimised website and open events to encourage prospective patients through the door.

That’s all good, but it is essential to get the messaging right and to convey how you can help people if they register with your practice.

If your marketing isn’t working, there are two likely culprits.  Your target audience is wrong or your messaging.  Most often, it’s the messaging.

To get a good return on investment, you need a compelling message. One that clearly explains what problems you solve, who you help, and what action your prospective patients need to take next.

You have to really put yourselves in the shoes of the people you are trying to attract at this point don’t know you or know you enough to sign up as a patient.  Generally the answers lie in the feedback you get from existing patients who you already have a relationship with you and know exactly why they are your patients.

Most people are voracious consumers of information and view it as the currency to determining how they feel about engaging with a business.  Take online reviews as an example. According to a recent study by Dimensional Research, 90% of people claim that positive online reviews influence their decisions.  So, leverage your patient testimonials and reviews.

According to research conducted by Gartner, businesses which emphasise a brands or company’s community of customers tend to outperform those that don’t.  You know the character of your patient base.  So, focus on messages which will resonate with the patients already in your practice.  Consider where they see the value in your offer and articulate it to a wider audience.

Messaging that is connecting, demonstrates a curiosity, generosity, value, empathy, credibility and vulnerability.

What we are doing is focusing on the people you want to attract to your business.  By focusing on what they need and building trust.

In fact, winning new patients is linked to how you make them feel.

Trustworthiness starts with establishing a connection with people.  The ability to become the practice of choice is built on the foundation of those connections.

Without that connection you can’t build your credibility.  Or demonstrate your trustworthiness.

In the absence of trust and credibility there is nothing to differentiate you from the competition.

At Lily Head Dental Practice Sales we apply the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to our business.

The foundation of the marketing strategy is to identify and articulate your Three Uniques.  It maybe that no all of your Three Uniques are unique.  But what is Unique is the combination of those three things.

Rather than trying to be all things to all people, finding your Three Uniques will help to focus your efforts.  When you know what you are good at, you’ll be able to bring in the right clients who will choose your services over the competition because you, and only you, will offer exactly what they are looking for.

For example, one of our three Uniques is ‘We get results with a direct, honest and practical approach.

So really focus on how you can help the people you want to attract to your practice.  As a practice owner you are competing in your area for the privilege of helping people with their oral health.  Your practice is there to solve their oral health problems and give them peace of mind that they and often their family will be well looked after for years to come.

You could have the greatest practice in the world.  You could have the greatest of intentions to help people.  Yet, none of these matters if your messaging does not pique their interest enough for them to come find out more about you.

You can’t help people if they don’t choose you to help them.  You can’t help them if they decide to choose the other dentist in the area instead of you.

Don’t craft messaging that serves your ego.  It’s not about you.  No one cares how many years you’ve been in business, how great, or wonderful your business is.  For instance, don’t talk about your practice being the leading practice in the area, or being the most respected.  You cannot possibly quantify or prove either claim.  It doesn’t build a connection, build trust or help people.

Your prospect patients care about what’s in it for them. They want you to earn their trust and let them know how you can solve their problem.

For your messaging to stand out from every other advertising campaign, you need to take the focus off you and shine the light on your prospective patients.

This article was written by Abi Greenhough, Managing Director of Lily Head Dental Practice Sales . It was first published in the April 2024 edition of The Dentist Magazine.

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