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Want to see more rewards from the effort you put into your practice?

Our friends at Clear Vision Accountancy, accountants to dentists and specialist dental business consultants, reveal how the owners of a two partner practice in the North of England turned their frustration into profit as they:

  • took one key action
  • made a change to one area of their dental business, and
  • now make an additional £75,000 net profit compared to two years ago.

The one key action you must take first to drive up your profit? Benchmark your numbers…

When you get an adviser who can compare your key results with those of the best-performing dental businesses in the UK, you discover:

  • Where you can plug inefficiencies in your practice
  • Where you can tap into profit which is there for the taking

The partners of this practice had support from Clear Vision in highlighting their profit potential and identified untapped profit in one particular areas of their business. Then they followed the advice to improve a working system and successfully released the stream of extra income.   

You can read more about what they did and access the full practice case study here.

You can also order your copy of the Clear Vision Annual KPI Report for Dentists which shares dental business data.

The Clear Vision team has worked with dentists and their teams every week since 2001.

You can read more of their best advice and insights in their blog for dentists and subscribe to their You Tube channel for dentists..

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