Helen Cheskin December 16, 2013 No Comments

If your life is suffering at the hands of your dental business, you’ll be interested to hear this story from our friends at accountants to dentists and specialist dental business consultants Clear Vision Accountancy…

Ransley Morenas, Principal Dentist and practice owner at Southview Dental in Kent, had grown disillusioned with his daily work. He felt the stress of his financial obligations and trying to balance his life.

In just one day, supported by Clear Vision’s dental consultants he:

  • Cut the ties of his appointment book
  • Rediscovered his passion for his work
  • Planned how he would keep his work and his life in balance in the future

You can hear directly from Ransley about exactly what he did here.

The Clear Vision team has worked with dentists and their teams every week since 2001.

You can read more of their best advice and insights in their blog for dentists and subscribe to their You Tube channel for dentists..