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Protect Yourself from Litigation

Protect Yourself from Litigation - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Simple Steps Dentists can take to protect yourself from Litigation.

I sometimes think that the core Daily Mail leadership secretly wishes Mrs Thatcher was still running the country in the belief that she would have sorted out the NHS, Europe and even FIFA with one swing of her handbag.

So why have ago at the Mail? In the last week they have managed to renew their attack on dentistry. The Mail’s view appears to because there is the odd bad apple the whole orchard must be rotten.

On Monday June 15th their headline was a lift from the Consumers Association report on “NHS dentists” who were having to limit the amount of work they could do because of the rationing of NHS contracts.  Should they have taken the opportunity to discover the truth about the NHS system? Of course they should but it’s easier to throw in a “greedy dentist” story.

Two days later a piece headline “Patient lives with dentist’s drill lodged in her jaw for TWO YEARS – but removing it could leave one side of her face entirely numb.” An endodontic file separated, unfortunate I know but it happens. The Dental Law Partnership, for whom this piece is a lovely bit of free advertising, have no doubt made the running with the litigation. I do wonder how much the lawyers have earned from this accident. More that the £5,500 awarded to the patient no doubt – and they may well have prolonged the whole process through litigation.

Lessons learned:

  • The Dental Law Partnership (other ambulance chasers are available) are encouraging complaints. Why? Because there is plenty about which to complain. If dentist didn’t’t make themselves easy targets they would move on to greener pastures.
  • There has to be clarity in everything that you do, which means that…
  • You need to be squeaky clean about all your communications whether verbal or written, which means that…
  • All team members have to be trained in communication skills and rehearsed, which means that…
  • You have to invest in your team, which means that…
  • If you are looking to “sell” work that isn’t available on the NHS – and please make sure that it isn’t and the patient is in no doubt about it – your well trained team will be able to do that for you, which means that…
  • You will be able to reduce your dependence on an NHS that is running out of money, that measures output not quality of care, that is dangling the carrot of a better contract in 2018 (at the earliest), which means that…
  • You will be able to concentrate on the important things: the relationship with your patients, helping them to improve their dental health so they become people who want all your services, and a practice where you aren’t’t living in fear of the GDC, CQC, DoH and their works and pomps.

Sounds simplistic?

  • Well the research shows, people don’t like dentists in general but do like their own.
  • People do want to know, like and trust their dentist and team.
  • They do want to do business with you.
  • And they do want to send their friends.
  • The culture has changed, the landscape has altered, the principles remain the same.

It’s up to you to take the initiative.

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