Regardless of why you want an up to date valuation of your Dental Practice it makes sense to engage with an accredited expert organisation such as Lily Head Dental Practice Sales to perform your dental practice valuation.  We constantly undertake dental practice valuations for clients across the UK with a variety of motives for wanting to know the current value of their dental practice.  The market is buoyant, yet fluid and we work hard to make sure we are up to speed with the trends and market values.

A Lily Head Dental Practice Sales valuation will always validated by the market and by the financial lenders.  Therefore, our clients always have a benchmark from which they can move forward to realise their business ambitions.

At Lily Head Dental Practice Sales we invest the time to review and understand your dental practice processes as well as how the profit and the revenue is being created.  This dovetails into enabling us to match the buyers and sellers of dental practices.

The majority of ‘Serious, Eligible Buyers’ of Dental Practices are registered with all the Dental Brokers.  It makes perfect sense for them to do that.  We all market to the same people (individuals, Corporates or Mini Corporates), but what is different about Lily Head Dental Practice Sales is our proactive approach to marketing, our follow up, our accessibility and the way we package your business to ensure it is presented in the best possible way, but is not misleading for prospective buyers.

What Dental Practice Principals can expect from us:

  • Confidentiality
  • No Obligation consultations
  • Current Market Valuation of their Dental Practice
  • A partnership with shared objectives
  • The shared knowledge of working with Dental Business Experts
  • Introductions to qualified Top Tier Clients who have agreed to pay the vendors fees
  • Support with the CQC de registration.
  • Access to the best Dental Business Experts in the professions
  • Site Visit to all Practices we are engaged to market
  • Optimised and easy to understand Dental Practice Sales Resume
  • A customised UK wide marketing strategy aimed at achieving your desired outcome
  • Engagement with qualified dental practice buyers who match your buyer profile
  • Proven Advice on Capital Gains Liability

If you are considering your exit strategy then it is never too early (or too late) to contact Lily Head Dental Practice Sales to agree a plan which delivers your desired outcome.

Terms of Business:

  • Free Dental Practice Appraisals
  • Vendors fees are due on Completion of the sale of their Business
  • Fees are agreed at the outset
  • Dental Practice Buyers do not pay to register