Professional ServicesAll our clients, regardless of whether they are making a purchase or selling will require an Accountant and Solicitor that are experienced with working with Dentists and managing the transfer of a Dental Business.

Even long standing Practice Owners may need a specialised solicitor to manage the sale of a business if this is something their existing solicitor has never had to contend with before.

At LHPS we outsource these functions to partner professionals who have a proven track record of working efficiently and expertly to help our clients ‘Fulfil Their Business Ambitions’.

Our Professionals distinguish themselves by:

  • Being fully up to date with legislation and obligations relevant to Dental Business owners.
  • Experts in Capital Gains Tax Mitigation in order maximise the value (£) of a Practice Sale.
  • Being able to benchmark Profit and Loss Accounts.
  • Being able to benchmark Goodwill Values.
  • Supporting clients in the transition to self-employment.
  • Being responsive to client’s requirements.
  • Having a proactive approach.

We provide a list of Professionals for our clients to choose from.

Our list is constantly updated and provided on request at no charge.

We recommend selecting and engaging with your team early in the process.  If you are a vendor then be sure to have a team in place early in the marketing process.  If you are a purchaser then we recommend you engage your team as soon as you are in a position to secure a Practice and pay a deposit.

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