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Planning for Success

Planning for Success - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Recently I read an interview with Kasey Keller, long serving goal keeper of Team USA, Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City about planning for Success.

Keller’s answer to the eternal question about what makes a successful football team and the planning for success was interesting and resonated with me.

I wanted to share this with you as it all makes sense to us, and gives you an insight into our company culture at Lily Head Dental Practice Sales.

We hope you find some interesting ‘take away’s for your own business.

“(Winning football games is) about getting the right combination of players on the field with the right attitude and mental approach, who can execute better than the other team.

“Getting the right combination of players on the field.”  This means we should avoid using a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to hiring but look for people who can bring different things.  Where you have a team of people who can share and learn from each other, with different backgrounds and perspectives then you are set for success.  My team members include those who have transitioned from the NHS, those with a background in large Corporations, recruitment and B2B staff training solutions.  Everyone adds value to the team.

“The right attitude.”  This is where I am looking for some commonality.  I am always looking for people who are customer centric, service oriented, good listeners, commercially aware and open-minded problem solvers.

“Mental approach.”  I hire people whose priorities are their customer and their teammates.  I’ve never hired someone who said their primary motivation was money.  Saying that, money is part of their motivation.

“Execute better than the other team.”  We must work as a team to be successful for our clients and our business.  I’m hard pressed to think of a single deal where it didn’t take an orchestrated team effort to win the business, secure a deal and complete a transaction.

“The game isn’t that complicated.”  I tell my team that being a dental broker and getting the best outcomes for our clients is simple.  It’s not easy.  But it is simple if we stick to our core beliefs of representing the best interests of the vendor from the start to the end of the journey of selling their dental practice.

“Mark the unmarked man.”  I encourage situational awareness and adaptability.  It means being able to see the big picture and understanding what the motives of everyone involved in a deal are.

“Fill space.”  I translate this to mean we must be responsive; to quickly and completely fill the gaps in the principals understanding of our offer, our value, and my vision of the value you’ll receive from putting your trust in us.

“Work harder than the opponent.” It means just that. Work harder than the competition. Think harder.  Go the extra mile.  Be more responsive.  Be creative.  Constantly be thinking about what you can do at any one moment to deliver value to you.

I hope this gives you some insight into how we go about planning for success at Lily Head Dental Practice Sales and how we spend a good deal of time considering how we can bring successful outcomes to everyone who trusts us with the sale of their dental practice.

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