Helen Cheskin May 6, 2014 No Comments

Need to make your website work for you?

Statistics from specialist dental accountants and dental business consultants Clear Vision show that dental practice websites continue to be a key source of new patients for UK dentists.

So how well does your website work for you?

If you need to improve the performance of your website, here are the Top 7 Mistakes Dentists Make with their Websites, as shared by Clear Vision’s dental marketing specialist Dee Gerrish.

  • Is your website dynamic and engaging enough to potential new patients?
  • Does it appear in the search engine rankings for the search terms you would wish?
  • Does it provide the ‘proof’ your potential patients are looking for?

All these points and more are covered in Dee’s blog – check it out to make sure you avoid the key pitfalls and create a website which delivers a rich stream of new patients for you…

The Clear Vision team has worked with dentists and their teams every week since 2001.

You can read more of their best advice and insights in their blog for dentists and also subscribe to their You Tube channel for dentists.