Supporting Dental Practice Buyers - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales
April 30, 2019 No Comments

On Saturday 27th April 2019 Lily Head Dental Practice Sales, Medifinance, Gordons Law and Minford Accountants hosted a  seminar for the sole purpose of supporting dental practice buyers.

The delegates were dentists whose ambitions included owning and running their own dental practice.

Afterwards, Associate Dentist Ketan N wrote:

‘Thank you very much for wonderful course and all efforts by you and your team.

It has certainly widened my understanding and inspired me to continue improving and educating myself.

This course has eliminated some of my doubts and created a clearer vision to achieve my goals’.

The key features we wanted to share with the delegates were:

  • What are the legal responsibilities of being a dental principal?
  • Who am I competing with for the dental practice I want?
  • How can I ensure my offer is the most favourable to a vendor?
  • How to I determine how much I can afford to pay and what represents a good deal for me?
  • What are the key things to focus on to ensure my business remains profitable?
  • What are my obligations to the CQC and how can I best fulfil them?

At Lily Head Dental Practice Sales, we are very vested in helping dentists position themselves as credible and committed buyers.

We want to help our buyers get the dental practice they want as well as understand the process better.  That way they are investing in learning about how to be successful without the stress of a live situation.

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