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Speaking at #DSL23

Dentistry Show London - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Making Sense of acquiring an NHS Practice

At the Dentistry Show London 2023 Abi Greenhough spoke to a packed audience in the Business Owners & Practice Management Theatre about where the opportunities exist when buying an NHS Dental Practice.

The Learning Outcomes Were:

  1. Objectively assess the future potential of an NHS Dental Practice.
  2. Rank a number of NHS Dental Practice opportunities.
  3. Understand how the demographics of the area and patient base influences profitability.
  4. Lenders attitudes to funding NHS practices.

Development Outcomes

B – Business Management.

The Learning Aims Were:

  1. To provide knowledge which challenges the current thinking in the media that all NHS practices should convert to private.
  2. To provide NHS practice Principals insights into how they can make their practice more attractive to buyers.
  3. Enable buyers to objectively assess NHS practice purchase opportunities.

Lily Head Dental Practice Sales and Lily Head Finance attended the Dentistry Show London 2023 to make it easy for dentists to come and find out if we are the type of people you could do business with.

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