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February 19, 2019 No Comments

As we take more and more #Dental Practices to the open market we undertook another review of the buyer experience.  We asked ourselves what search and selection functionality should we implement at Lily Head Dental Practice Sales ?

Making us easier to do business with is a constant focus.  All clients want to be able asses accurate information in a short period of time.  This will always help them on their journey to dental practice owner ship or retirement.

We conducted a root and branch review of the buyer process and considered all stages of our engagement with buyers of dental practices.

We send targeted e mail campaigns and text campaigns to our buyer database when we launch new dental practices for sale.  Our buyers can then go to dental practices for sale page on our website.

Buyers who are signed up to our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) can then review sales resumes.  Sales Resumes give enough information to justify the asking price (£) without giving away confidential information or the location dental practice. Sales resume’s can be accessed 24/7 for buyers who are signed up to our NDA.

Buyers who want to review the accounts can then contact us directly.  We then engage with every prospective purchaser in person to qualify them and understand exactly who we are sharing a clients information with.

The business started to consider clients who had looked at a specific dental practice in the past and who were interested in re visiting it.

We also considered the clients who came to us through simply searching ‘dental practices’ for sale in their web browsers.   We wanted to make sure we had search and selection functionality which made it easy for them to navigate our website.

So when you visit dental practices for sale you will get the opportunity to search for #Dental practices all or some of the following criteria:

  • Location – Which county in the UK.
  • Price – £
  • Tenure – Leasehold, Freehold or Either.
  • Practice – Mixed, Private etc
  • Status – New In, For Sale, or Sold Subject to Contract
  • Reference #.

Clients will also see how the dental practice details are much more succinct than they were previously.  We have standardised the information we provide on each dental practice.  This is so that clients can immediately see the critical features of the dental practice they are interested in.

  • These are:
  • Asking Price (£)
  • Practice type – Mixed, Private etc.
  • Tenure: Freehold, leasehold or either.
  • Turnover (£)
  • EBITDA – Owner Occupier or Associate led model.
  • Number of Surgeries.

Go to dental practices for sale and find out for yourself how easy it is to navigate our lists of dental practices which we are taking to the market and are for sale.

If you would like to discuss how to go about selling or buying a dental practice please Contact Us today