Putting the Dental into Lily Head Dental Practice Sales
James Head July 13, 2018 No Comments

We are constantly evaluating our client offer and how prospective clients might perceive the value we bring when they are on the ‘outside looking in’.  We therefore decided we should be Putting the Dental into Lily Head Dental Practice Sales.

You will swiftly see Lily Head Dental Practice Sales pervade our entire business.

Our brand and our reputation are essential components of our business which I am determined to enhance and manage.

During our 9 years of trading we believe our brand and reputation have become recognisable to dentists as symbol of professionalism and expertise in the sale and purchase of dental practices.

We now want us to align even more closely with dentists and the dental market and for it to be clear and obvious what are our area of expertise are and putting the dental into Lily Head Dental Practice Sales was one small but essential step.

Our refined business name in conjunction with our strap line of ‘Helping Dentists Fulfil Their Business Ambitions’ better encapsulates the value we bring to our clients.

This change will also make it easier for our clients when recommending us to their friends and colleagues to explain our place in the dental business market.

I have always been inspired by what Sir Clive Woodward achieved with the England rugby team and try to apply some of his experiences to our business.  Sir Clive often talked of the ‘Critical Non-Essentials.  It is doing the small things 1% better to set the team apart from its rivals.