Pick the Low Hanging Fruit - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales
April 4, 2019 No Comments

As part of our commitment to ‘Help Dentists Exceed Their Business Ambitions’ we are able to provide buyers and sellers of dental practices valuable help with improving the value and profitability of their dental practice.  Dentists have expressed a real interest in getting some help to identify and pick the low hanging fruit.

It may be that you are preparing for the dental practice sales journey or you have recently purchased a dental practice and you want help in hitting your performance goals.

Fiona Higgins is overseeing our consultancy offer to dental principals.

Fiona started her career as a dental nurse and then transitioned to dental practice management over a period of 20 years.  Please review Fiona’s profile on LinkedIn and connect with her.

This is consulting provided at your dental practice.  This enables us to understand your business culture and access your business information.  The minimum engagement with our consultant will be half a day after an initial 30 minute exploratory phone call.

How Lily Head Dental Practice Sales Can Help

  • Chair time optimisation, looking at appointment books, reviewing income per hour per performer and suggesting process improvement to increase turnover
  • Cost of Sales (COS) analysis, advising on ways to reduce costs, or increase turnover to meet benchmark COS understanding profit margins
  • NHS contract management – ensuring the contract in safe, i.e. in a partnership, advising on breach notices, tendering and procurement advice
  • Preparing for sale – getting the Due Diligence together, getting all contracts in place, NHS, CQC, staff and associates
  • Financial evaluation
  • Financial projections for changes in working practices
  • Financial optimisation
  • Business planning
  • Process management and change
  • Succession planning/exit planning

With so many decisions to make and so much at stake, you are wise to consider what support is available.  Owning and running a dental practice is challenging for even the most experienced business owners.  It is not something they teach at dental school but these are skills dentists nevertheless need to have.

Please Contact Us to discuss how we can help you progress your dental business.