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Head of Digital Production

Head of Digital Production. David Vaughan - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

David Vaughan has joined the team at Lily Head Dental Practice Sales as Head of Digital Production.  David is a highly experienced musician and videographer.  It is these skill sets David is bringing to the audio and video content that we are providing for dentists.  David explains that ‘Digital Production is a key requirement for any organisation which is looking to pivot from face to face.   No one will tolerate poor quality audio and video any more.  You just don’t have to’.

Dental Practice Videos

To support social distancing and the marketing of #dental practices we are publishing ‘videos’ of Dental Practices.  David explains that ‘We can now take footage which Principals have created and splice it together to make compelling footage.  We can also make videos of dental practices on behalf of clients of course’.

The dental practice videos provide buyers a further way to qualify a dental practice they may be interested in.  They will not only get the financial and background information on a practice.  But they can also visualise what owning the practice would look and feel like.  Buyers who might otherwise disqualify a practice are now moving forward based on the videos we are sharing.  Conversely some buyers are dropping out when they see the videos.  The fact is that Principals are now having viewings with prospective purchasers who have a much better idea of what they will see at the viewing.

Dental Business Transactions Podcast

Lily Head recently launched the Dental Transactions Podcast.  The content is relevant for UK Dentists who wish to buy, sell or finance a dental practice.  David is using all he has learned as a musician to enhance and optimise the audio so that the podcasts flow and the quality of the audio is excellent.  As David explains ‘Poor quality audio is a big turn off for listeners.  I know Lily and the team have some great insight to share with dentists and we do not want anything to detract from that.  That will be my job as head of digital production’.

If you would like to talk about anything to do with buying, selling, or financing a dental practice please Contact Us today.

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