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Dental Practice Sales Journey

Dr Simon Roland - Practice Sales Journey - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

We want to thank Dr Simon Roland for taking the time to record his thoughts on his dental practice sales journey with Lily Head Dental Practice Sales.  Simon’s 200 second recording is filled with raw emotion and an honesty.  It is hard to find in such open and honest commentary in marketing material of this nature.

Selling your dental practice is a milestone in any dentists career.  Mostly, but not always something you only do once.  Assuming you have rejected any idea of trying to negotiate a private sale.  Then the next step is to consider your options when deciding which dental broker you feel you can trust and work closely with.

It is not until the practice sales journey is over that you can look back and reflect on your choice.  Was your experience, OK, good or maybe even better than you expected it would be?

Simon Roland leaves us in no doubt that he made the right decision in trusting Lily Head Dental Practice Sales.  And Dental Broker Helen Cheskin in particular, for his dental practice sales journey.

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