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Dental Business Transactions Podcast

Dental Business Transactions Podcast- Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

We are always looking to innovate when it comes to sharing knowledge and information with dentists.  We are proud to announce the launch of the Lily Head Dental Practice Sales ‘Dental Business Transactions Podcast’ . This is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Podbean.

The content is crafted for dentists who want to learn more about buying, selling or financing a dental practice(s).  If there is a relevant topic you would like to learn more about then please contact us at

Podcasts allow for multitasking

The podcasts enable already busy dentists to save some time.  In 2019 Edison Research, explored the podcast listening locations.  They found out that most people listen to podcasts at home, in a car, while walking around or working out.  What this means is that those who listen to podcasts are doing at least two tasks at the same time, exercising and listening, for example.

Podcast are entertaining

In addition to learning new things and keeping up to date, people also choose podcasts when they wanted to entertain themselves.  We know music, food, sports, thriller, and hobbies are among the most popular podcast categories.  But we intend to keep the Dental Business Transactions Podcast entertaining.  We will be recording conversations and interviews.

Subscribe to The Dental Business Transactions Podcast on the platform of your choice and watch out for updates on our social media channels.

If you would like to talk about anything to do with buying, selling, or financing a dental practice please Contact Us today.

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