Dental Practice Market Evaluation, Spring 2021

Dental Practice Market Evaluation - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Lily Head Dental Practice Sales are proud to have been appointed to the Denplan Dental Expert Network As part of our partnership we are providing industry updates and insights to the Denplan Members and their Business Consultants across various media platforms.   Please click on this link to read the joint paper we wrote ‘Dental […]

Catherine Rutland talks to Lily Head

Catherine Rutland talks to Lily Head

We were pleased to welcome Catherine Rutland, the Clinical Director at Denplan to the Dental Business Transactions Podcast this week. Catherine Rutland talks to Lily Head about how Denplan members are managing the mental health needs of their teams.  As the events of 2020 fade in the rear view mirror. Catherine Rutland talks to Lily […]

Next 3 guests on the Dental Business Transactions Podcast

Next 3 guests on the Dental Business Transactions Podcast - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

The Dental Business Transactions Podcast is a free resource for #Dentists who are considering buying, selling or financing a #Dental practice. The podcast is hosted by Lily Head, the founder of Lily Head Dental Practice Sales and Lily Head Finance. Lily shares her own insight, but is also chatting to a string of leading dental […]

Dental Practice Sales Journey

Dr Simon Roland - Practice Sales Journey - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

We want to thank Dr Simon Roland for taking the time to record his thoughts on his dental practice sales journey with Lily Head Dental Practice Sales.  Simon’s 200 second recording is filled with raw emotion and an honesty.  It is hard to find in such open and honest commentary in marketing material of this […]

Abi Greenhough appointed MD

Abi Greenhough - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Lily Head Dental Practice Sales is pleased to announce the appointment of Abi Greenhough as the MD of its UK wide specialist dental practice broking business. Abi will take up the role from 1st February 2021. Abi joined the business in 2015 and was appointed to the board and became a shareholder in 2018.  Since then, […]

Conversation with Eddie Crouch

Conversation with Eddie Crouch - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

This week Lily Head had the pleasure of having a conversation with Eddie Crouch. The Chairman of the BDA Principal Executive Committee. Bringing quality content to dentists is the principal aim of the Dental Business Transactions Podcast.  Which was launched in the Autumn of 2020.. Eddie is talking.  Lily Head is asking the questions.  Eddie […]

Predicting 2021

Predicting 2021 - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Our partners at Denplan asked Chris Mayor from Lily Head Dental Practice Sales to talk us through some of the key dynamics affecting the dental practice market. Effectively, predicting 2021. How is dental patient demand holding up since the first lockdown? Demand for dental services is positive and we are seeing practices operating at 80 to […]

Dental Business Transactions Podcast

Dental Business Transactions Podcast- Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

We are always looking to innovate when it comes to sharing knowledge and information with dentists.  We are proud to announce the launch of the Lily Head Dental Practice Sales ‘Dental Business Transactions Podcast’ . This is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Podbean. The content is crafted for dentists who want to learn more […]

Head of Digital Production

Head of Digital Production. David Vaughan - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

David Vaughan has joined the team at Lily Head Dental Practice Sales as Head of Digital Production.  David is a highly experienced musician and videographer.  It is these skill sets David is bringing to the audio and video content that we are providing for dentists.  David explains that ‘Digital Production is a key requirement for […]

Lily Head Finance

We are excited to announce that Lily Head Finance Ltd has just started trading.  The planning began in September 2019.  The application for an FCA licence was submitted in February 2020. Our FCA licence was granted in August 2020 and has now stood up an outstanding bank lending panel. Lily Head is a Director / […]

Challenges facing the dental sector reopening

Nicola Lomas, Legal Director at Brabners hosts an open discussion around challenges facing the dental sector reopening. Nicola is joined by Abi Greenhough from Lily Head Dental Practice Sales, Martin How from Medifinace, Andrea James from Brabners, Ben Ludzker from Kaysmedical and Judith Husband, Independent Consultant & Clinical Dentist. Tap on this Link to see […]

Dental Practice Market News

We are talking to dentists, lenders and our professional network continually, so we can bring you the Dental Practice Market News as we see it today. I wanted to share a podcast on Dental Practice Market News I recorded on 4th June 2020 with Alun Rees the Dental Business Coach. We had an open discussion […]

Distanced Dental Practice Viewings

We are constantly reviewing and updating ourselves with the most recent guidance from the Government and professional bodies.  On what we can safely do and what we should not do.  It is not always straight forward and of course you have to apply a good chunk of common sense in these things. But we are […]

Dental Practice Valuations-April 2020

Abi Greenhough, a Director at Lily Head Dental Practice Sales shares her insight on the possible effects of Covid 19 on #dental practice valuations – April 2020. I don’t think we can accurately predict what the effect on dental practice valuations will be of the current pandemic.  This is because sale prices (£) are influenced […]

We Are Here For You

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, I would like to give you my assurance that we are here for you and have taken every step to safeguard the safety and health of our employees, our clients and our business. As we continue to face the challenges thrown out by this situation, I wanted to let you […]

Chris Mayor joins Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

We are excited to announce that Chris Mayor joins Lily Head Dental Practice Sales as a ‘Dental Broker’.  The addition of Chris to our expert team strengthens our core focus of ‘helping dentists exceed their business ambitions’. Chris joins us following 9 years of working closely with dentists as a Key Account Manager for Denplan […]

Dr Greg Clark sells Rotherholme DP to Dr Amrik Athwal

Greg & Judith Clark have owned Rotherholme Dental Practice since 1994. They were looking for a buyer similar to them.  A husband and wife team who would take over their dental practice and look after their patients as well or better than they had done.  This would require a dental broker who can reach all […]

Drayton House Dental Practice Sold to Dr Ria Patel

It is well documented that the UK Dentistry market is consolidating but it is not ‘consolidated’.  Of the 12,500 dental practices in the UK it is estimated around 12% of them are owned by Corporate Groups.  Of which over 1000 are owned by {My} Dentist & BUPA alone.  Dental Practice Groups are estimated to account […]

Sale of Backwell Dental Care

DR Patrick Kennedy - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Dr Patrick Kennedy is celebrating the sale of Backwell Dental Care in Bristol. Dr Kennedy first discussed his exit strategy with Lily Head Dental Practice Sales in April 2017. Following an analysis of the valuation of his dental practice it was identified that Dr Kennedy could significantly increase the value of Backwell Dental Care by […]

A Big Deal

As part of our preferred #dental broker status with Denplan, part of Simplyhealth.  Lily Head was invited to write an article for the Autumn 2019 edition of Insight Magazine.  It is entitled ‘A Big Deal’. Lily writes about why she recommends #dentists never get into discussions with a prospective purchaser in isolation.  #Dental practice valuations […]