Getting value from the marketing plan

Getting Value from the Marketing Plan - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

We previously considered what an effective marketing strategy might look like.  We also discussed what KPI (key performance indicators) in your business you would monitor in order to determine the success of your plan. Now, I think we should look at getting value from the marketing plan.  There are three key considerations to getting value from the marketing plan. 

  1. Your Business Environment

This is a range of items that will include:

  • Logo/Branding
  • Signage
  • External repair of building
  • Décor e.g. Carpets, seating, walls, front desk etc
  • Staff Uniforms
  • Surgeries – chair upholstery, cleanliness, age of equipment
  • Warmth of welcome – people can tell if you’re faking it

Make sure your practice matches your message so you can be sure you are getting value from the marketing plan.  By this I mean, if say you are the biggest, the best, the cheapest then make sure your clients get what they expect when they come to see you.

As you know, for many people a visit to the dentist can cause anxiety – anything that can make them more relaxed in the build up to a visit and during their visit will pay dividends.  Reference this in your messaging.  Even though you may be preparing to sell the practice, you still need to add value to your existing business which you can then realise when it comes time to sell.

  1. Your Team

Your team is likely to be the bedrock of your dental practice.  You need your team to be on board with any marketing campaign in order to be sure you are getting the value from the marketing plan.  Ideally they should be vested in your success and see that as a way for them to develop their own careers.

In order to foster staff loyalty and support we recommend you have a staff training budget in place as well as a career path which is fairly well defined so everyone knows what ‘good or great looks like’ in their every day role.

A well trained and motivated team will not only help you retain and educate your existing patients, but they will be eager to convert new patients who come to you through your marketing initiatives.

Consider the size of the opportunity.  If you have 10 new patient enquiries and your conversion rate improves from 40% to 80% you will have doubled the number of new patients through the door.

  1. Target Audience

 Consider in detail what your ideal client looks like.  Retailers do this all the time.  Retailers visualise their ideal client  (shopper) and then position themselves to attract and serve that person.

Take some time as a team to consider your existing and prospective patient profile. What common socio-economic & lifestyle characteristics do the patients which you wish to attract have?  We have to assume that by now your practice is geared to serve the local community but it does no harm to refocus.  This is as much about increasing awareness and reaching those people who do not know you or who have not thought to contact you.

You can build up a very detailed profile that is invaluable when you come to look at the strategy, tactics and media of your campaign.

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