We have vendors who request the opportunity to try and sell to a buyer who will pay our fees on completion.  Effectively a ‘fee free service’.

We have responded to that client feedback and introduced a category of buyers called ‘Top Tier Buyers’.

Top Tier Buyers agree to pay our fees on completion of a purchase in lieu of the vendor.

This is an option for all our buyers and sellers.

Most of the dental practices will go to the open market so that Top Tier and Regular Buyers to create a competitive commercial environment which works to the advantage of our vendors.

We share all the bids we receive for a practice with a vendor because in our experience it is not always all about the money.  Who they sell to has a bearing on their decision as well as how much is being offered.

We also share information with purchasers on how their offer is positioned with the competition so they know what the likely cost to them will be if they wish to secure a business.  Our job is to maximise the value for our vendor client’s business and we find that is best achieved by giving purchasers sight of where the bar is being set by other interested parties.

We advise the vendor on the overall proposition from purchasers depending on whether it is the buyer or the vendor who will be settling our fee.

In essence:

  • A highly competitive commercial environment is created around each sale.
  • Vendors get their pick of the bids with an option for a free service.
  • Vendors are not obliged to accept any offer and no fee would be due in those circumstances.
  • Top Tier purchasers get the opportunity to set themselves apart from other purchasers by offering to pay our fees.
  • All purchasers get to understand where their offer is positioned with the chance to respond accordingly.
  • We receive our fee either way.

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