Fee Free Service for Vendors

We have a list of over 500 qualified Top Tier Buyers.  Top Tier Buyers agree to pay our fees on completion of a dental practice purchase in lieu of the vendor.

All our buyers can apply to be a Top Tier Buyer.

All our registered buyers see dental practices at the same time.

This is so we create the most competitive commercial environment around each dental practice we launch.

We share all the bids we receive for a practice with a vendor because in our experience it is not always all about the money.  The character of the buyer often influences the decision of the vendors.

in Essence:

  • A highly competitive commercial environment is created around each dental practice
  • Vendors get their pick of the bids with an option for a free service
  • Vendors are not obliged to accept any offer and no fee would be due in those circumstances
  • Top Tier purchasers get the opportunity to set themselves apart from other purchasers having agreed to pay our fees.
  • All purchasers get to understand where their offer is positioned with the chance to respond accordingly.
  • We receive our fee either way.

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