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England Women’s Football Team Had Momentum

England Women’s Football Team Had Momentum - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

England Women’s Football Team Had Momentum.

My family and I have really enjoyed the Women’s World Cup and were very sad to see England lose to the USA on Tuesday.  We will watch the tournament to the bitter end and are looking forward to cheering England on against Sweden on Saturday.

England women were undefeated in the build up to the match with the USA.  They knocked over some serious teams. Argentina & Scotland spring to mind.  The point is that England had really gained some ‘momentum’ in the competition.

Momentum is an interesting psychological construct.  Remember the England Rugby teams performance at the 2015 Rugby World Cup?  There was a team which sadly had no momentum and could barely win a game.  Eddie Jones then took the same group of players on an 18 game winning streak.  Was momentum the missing ingredient?

The emotional phenomenon referred to as momentum has been observed in many areas of life including political campaigns, investment in stock markets, in sports and in business.  Indeed, momentum can occur in any situation in life where events follow in sequence.

The sale and purchase process of a dental practice is a sequence of events.  Please download our practice sale timeline document here.

Some scientists argue that momentum cannot be ignored and that it is one of the keys to a successful outcome.  I would agree with this and I ensure my team are on hand to advise and help our vendors maintain momentum in the sale of their dental practice.  This is not to be confused with making hasty or poor choices, but about maintaining momentum to get the best outcome.  We have all heard of ‘transaction fatigue’.  Well trust me, it exists.  But that subject is for another day.

Here are my top 5 tips for creating and maintaining momentum with your transaction.

  1. Have a clear vision of the outcome you want to achieve.

Visualise those changes in circumstance and lifestyle which your sale will provide you and your family.

  1. Focus on the positive.

Focus on skills and strengths you have.  Utilise the skills and experience of your dental practice broker, accountant & solicitor.

  1. Celebrate success.

Reinforce wins. Celebrate the successes of the milestones in the journey.  Accepting an offer, selecting a buyer you are looking forward to working with, exchanging contracts etc.

  1. Focus on the smaller number.

You can measure progress by how much you’ve done or how much you still have left to do. You’ll be way more motivated if you focus on the smaller of two numbers.  For example, focus on the 3 items you have already completed and not the 10 more things to do.  Each new action feels even more impactful when compared to a smaller number.

  1. Involve everyone you can.

Mass creates momentum.  If your sale encounters the odd obstacle along the way it may become slowed down.  The better and bigger your team the less impact these obstacles have.

And finally, ‘Come On England!

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