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Dentistry in the Channel Islands

Dentistry in the Channel Islands - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Dentistry in the Channel Islands

From time to time we are appointed by Principal dentists based in the Channel Islands to sell their dental practice.  Many people have never been to the Channel Islands.  It may seem daunting to relocate and run a business and practice dentistry in the Channel Islands.

The purpose of this article is to encourage dentists to really consider the opportunities that exist for them to practice dentistry in the Channel Islands.  We think it is something that ambitious dentists should really consider.

What and where are the Channel Islands?

Just off the coast of France.  The islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney beckon with exquisite coastlines, shaded lanes and old-world charm.  Not quite Britain and not quite France, the islands are proudly independent, self-governing British Crown dependencies.  Their citizens owe their allegiance to Her Majesty, but some still speak local dialects that stem from medieval Norman French.

Channel Islands status as a Crown dependency gives the Islands constitutional rights of self-government and judicial independence.  The Islands have a considerable measure of autonomy within its constitutional relationship with the United Kingdom (UK) although it is not independent of the UK.

In practice, responsibility for the Island’s international representation rests largely with the UK government.  However, the UK always consults the Channel Islands on its obligations in international law and other international agreements.  The Channel Islands are included in many of the important international conventions to which the UK is a party, including human rights legislation and international sanctions.

Residents benefit from a relaxed pace of life, much better work/life balance, limited commuting to work, great restaurants, free car parks, beautiful summer months, stunning scenery and easy access to a great range of sports and hobbies.

Parents will find the full provision of educational facilities, from nursery to Sixth form.  There is an excellent range of State and Private schools with reputation for good GCSE and A level results.  All supported by a strong timetable of extracurricular activities.

Dental practice ownership merits a local licence which entitles dentists access to the local housing market.  This offers much more choice than open market housing.  Various mortgage options are available through local banks.

Being a Dentist in the Channel Islands 

Dentistry in Channel Islands is a busy and successful profession.  Dental practices benefit from a stable population, a high net worth population, limited competition, generous tax allowances and no VAT.

Dentistry in Guernsey is assisted by the GDA (Guernsey Dental Association).  Dentists can still be BDA members and access their specialist support as required.

Dentistry practices are fully private and the fee per item charges are set by each individual practice.

There are currently 13 dental practices supporting a population of 66,000 in Guernsey alone.  The overall population of the Channel Islands is 172,000.

Practices are lucky to be able to offer the full spectrum of dentistry at a high level in a relaxed environment.  There is easy access to dental laboratories in the Channel Islands and the UK.

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