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The focus of my entire career since 2000 was building Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry in Sunderland. Our goal was always to provide the highest quality treatments. Over the years we have won multiple awards and earned an outstanding reputation.

When it came time for me to consider an exit strategy I had concerns that the practice would have little value because I had been ever present and without me the practice may have been considered a risky purchase.

At my first meeting with Lily Head, I shared these concerns. Lily’s response was immediate and definite. She said ‘Let me be the judge of that. I know people who would be very interested in your practice’.

Lily earned my trust and never let me down. Lily and I discussed the high clinical standards I wanted. What I was not prepared to put up with whilst realising the true value of the practice.

Unfortunately, Lily and I decided to pull out of one deal during the due diligence because we found the buyers were not right for me, my team and my patients. What I can say is that Lily and her team always worked in my best interests even though it meant more work and a longer transaction time for them.

Lily negotiated an excellent deal with excellent terms and I am proud that Riveredge is now part of the Dentex Health Group.

Ken Harris

Riveredge Cosmetic Dental

What our clients say about us
At Lily Head Dental Practice Sales we were very pleased that no attempts were made to take a registration fee from us. We always felt we were valued as clients and appreciated the open bidding process. We worked with Helen Cheskin. Helen has provided an excellent service guiding us through a complex process for our first dental practice purchase. We are immensely grateful to her for managing the entire process through to completion. We are now starting to enjoy the clinical work as new owners of the practice.

Ria Patel & Khush Shah

Purchasers of Drayton House Dental Practice 2020

Abi. I’d like to thank you for managing to push through our sale in only two months despite Christmas period and Covid restrictions. It’s an incredible achievement for a process that I know can take months to complete even in less difficult times and I would add that at no time did we feel were we being pushed towards a particular buyer. We were encouraged to keep our options open and completed with the right buyer for us. It suggests to me that your buyers, and the faith and trust they have in you is vital in securing the right deal especially in the times we find ourselves in.

Robyn Hughes

Cheriton Dental Practice

I am indebted to Lily Head Dental Practice Sales for their achievement in not only seeing the real value in my dental practice but having a good number of competing parties ready to view.  Lily & Helen orchestrated negotiations with skill and tact to achieve an excellent outcome not just for me but for my staff and colleagues.  Lily has more than earned her fee with the price she secured, thanks to her expert knowledge of the market, her personal attention and the dedicated team she has alongside her.

Dr Jonathan Taylor

Savernake Forest DP - 2016