A Dental Corporate Buyer Maybe Ideal
November 9, 2017 No Comments

You have no doubt been approached by any number of dental corporate buyers who say they wish to buy your Dental Practice.  That’s fine.  That’s what they do, and a dental corporate buyer maybe ideal for you.

The reality is dental corporate buyers do not really know if they want to buy your business when they initially contact you.  All dental corporate buyers will need to figure out how your practice aligns with their offer in your area, what you are selling, and when they will realise a return from making a purchase.  Inevitably this is likely take them several weeks.

That said, we work with all the corporate buyers and for some of our clients they are the perfect match.  The key is to understand what their USP (unique selling point) and how that aligns with your requirements.

We can help you with understanding the characteristics of dental corporate buyers as well as making sure you have options from a range of prospective buyers.

So, selling to a dental corporate buyer may be exactly the right thing for you.  My advice is to avoid getting into a discussion with them where they think they are the only game in town.

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