Dental Business Relationships Cannot Be Automated - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales
James Head August 13, 2018 No Comments

We hear a lot about the automation making businesses more efficient and effective. The internet is an example of how we can do deals, sometimes for significant sums of money without any human interaction.  That said, we believe that ‘ dental business relationships cannot be automated’.

At Lily Head Dental Practice Sales we understand that our prospective dental clients need to understand how we provide value to them and how we represent their best interests in the market place.  It is essential for all parties that we have a real human connection and that our business relationships cannot be automated.

  • That is why we are responsive to all your enquiries for information.
  • That is why we work hard to grow our knowledge of the dental business industry.
  • That is why we ask for your time to get to know you and your business.
  • That is why we take a personal accountability for all the activity around the successful sale of your business.
  • That is why we believe that dental business relationships cannot be automated and invest time in getting to know our clients.

Honesty between parties is also critical.  In the spirit of honesty, I will tell you one of the things holding us back a little.

My team have an outstanding closing rate.  By that I mean the 80% + of the vendor clients we meet get that we have the expertise and dental business experience to do a great job for them and sign us rather than one of our competitors.

My challenge continues to be delivering an ever-improving service and sharing our clients success so all dental principles will consider investing time in getting to know us.  There is nothing more we relish than having an opportunity to be pitched against our competition.

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