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CQC Support Services

When buying or selling a dental practice there is no avoiding the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  They are there to do an important job on behalf of the public but they work in a very disciplined and structured way which can take some getting used to if you have not had much exposure to it before.  This is why Lily Head Practice Sales offers all our clients support and consulting services around working with the CQC.

A key legal requirement for the sale and purchase of a dental practice is changing over the CQC registration.  The process is intended to require meticulous attention to detail and a potential barrier to the faint hearted.

Aligned with the objective of raising standards and verifying professional credentials, registration is designed by the CQC to be detailed and lengthy.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration is a mandatory pre-requisite for all regulated activities. Start-up organisations need to complete registration before they can open for business.

The full process will take up to 11 weeks if every form (7 at present) is completed in full and 100% accurate.  The CQC have a zero-tolerance policy to administrative errors of any kind which means you can quickly be back to square one.

To help buyers and sellers of dental practices we now provide a full range of services intended to ensure our clients stay in control of their engagement with the CQC.  We offer CQC Discovery Days, Training, Audit and Total Compliance Management.  Our consultant has an extensive and verifiable background in NHS Dental Contract Management and CQC compliance requirements.

CQC Support for Buyers

  • CQC application process for a New provider buying a dental practice to include:
  • New provider registration
  • Statement of Purpose
  • New Registered Manager Registration
  • CQC application process to de-register the seller if this is required

CQC Support For Sellers

  • De-registration of CQC Application.
  • De-registration of Registered Manager Application.

Due diligence ‘CQC Discovery Day Audit’ for the seller to assess how effective their current clinical governance systems operate: This will ensure the practice is complaint and provide complete reassurance to both the seller and buyer that they are taking on a fully CQC compliant Practice.

The audit will include a review of:

  • Policies
  • Staff personal files
  • Service maintenance & equipment
  • Infection control procedures
  • Practice risk assessments
  • Clinical Audit
  • Staff training and CPD
  • Fire safety
  • Health & Safety including COSHH and Riddor
  • Staff appraisals
  • Practice logs/checklists

Contact or 0333 772 0654 for more information.

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