How You Can Future Proof Yourself?

Future Proof Dental Practice

As business owners January can be a good time for us to reflect and ask, ‘What sort of world will we live in and how can I future proof myself, my family and my business?’

Nils Bohr, the Danish Nobel Prize winning physicist, famously said “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future”.

To future proof is to prepare yourself to take advantage of the opportunities the future presents and make the most of them.  Even though predicting the future can only really be a best guess.

Henri Poincare, a noted theoretical physicist, said “It is far better to foresee, even without certainty, than not to foresee at all.”

Here are some ideas which I have read recently that I am taking forward which make perfect sense to me and I wanted to share them with you.

Human Engagement:

As automation and a virtual world seeps into more of our daily personal and work lives, mastering the ability to make and maintain human connections, will become paramount.  It will be a true differentiator for us in both our business and personal lives.

The Insatiably Curious

Lifelong learners who are comfortable with technology, the pace of technological change and who are keen to explore and learn about things outside their comfort zone will be rewarded.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

It’s about recognising opportunities and taking a risk to exploit them.

If you think selling your dental business, or buying a dental business maybe one way of future proofing yourself and your family, then please talk to us.  After all, changing the future is what we do for our clients.

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