Trying to Hard to be Perfect

Trying to hard to be perfect - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Trying too hard to be perfect. I wanted to share two examples of counterintuitive thinking to show the importance of keeping an open mind.  One refers to something we are working on.  The other is a story of how an analyst in the US Air Force helped save the lives of airmen in the 1940’s. […]

Don’t Dismiss The Small Things

Dont Dismiss the small things - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Don’t Dismiss The Small Things Very few businesses are immune to the effects of a competitors in their marketplace.  Although the real entrepreneurs are the ones who are always seeking to invent something unique that will change our lives.  Walt Disney, Bill Gates and Sir James Dyson spring to mind.  But for the rest of […]

What Makes You Unique?

What makes you unique? - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

What Makes You Unique? It is well understood that dental practice values (£) are linked to turnover and profitability of the business.  Turnover and profitability are generally aligned with the number of patients registered with a practice and they type of treatments they have. One of the first priorities of establishing a successful squat dental […]

Client Feedback

Client Feedback - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Client Feedback All businesses are keen to get client feedback. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. After completing an online survey I recently I continued to be canvassed for my feedback. I told the company who serviced my car.  That the amount of contact I was getting to review their services was now turning me off […]

B2B Decisions

B2B Decisions - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

B2B Decisions If you decide to invest in some new equipment or an extension at your dental practice then there are some things to consider. This is a classic B2B (Business to Business) purchasing scenario because the buying decision has a commercial purpose. Therefore, the product or service being purchased needs some rational analysis, a […]