Qualify your Associate

Qualify Your Associate - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

One of the first things we learned in business is that people will only pay you what and when they have to. Consider this in the context of selling your dental practice to your associate.  A key consideration is ‘how to qualify your associate’? Because saying you are going to do some thing is a […]

Spare No Expense

Spare No Expense - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

There are a couple of things that everyone who has ever bought or sold a dental practice will agree on.  Firstly, you must really want to do it.  Secondly, you must keep focused on the end game throughout the process. Thirdly, that there are certain things you must spare no expense on to save money.  […]

Property Matters

Property Matters - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Whilst many people are working from home now.  It is unlikely that dental care will ever be a fit for home working.  Therefore every dental practice owner will continue to need specialist premises to operate from.  So, when considering the sale or purchase of a dental practice remember that ‘Property Matters’. When it comes to […]

Action Brings New Strength

Action Brings New Strength - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

The pandemic has changed the #dental practice sales landscape. Practice buyers have newfound confidence to drive down values. Banks are still figuring out how to manage their risk when assessing business plans. Action Brings New Strength focuses on what you can do today if you are considering, or have decided to exit your business. It’s […]

Agents of Change

Agents of Change - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Abi Greenhough, a specialist dental broker is the author of ‘Agents of Change’.  It was written for Denplan from Simplyhealth to share with their members and the wider dental community. It was published on 30th July 2020. Navigating our way through a pandemic is a challenge in itself. But when dental practice owners are faced […]

Hold Onto That Ambition

Hold Onto That Ambition - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

We hope you are doing OK during the pandemic and that the new ways of working and living have not been too much of a burden for you.  Our message today is simple.  We think you can ‘Hold onto that Ambition’. We expect it may be some months before we see a return to the […]

Cash Flow is King

Cash Flow is King - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Dental Practice owners are facing unprecedented challenges now and, in the months, ahead.  Cash flow is King, like never before, and we decided to leverage our network for some focused advice. We have embraced Jacinda Ardern’s strategy of ‘We must go hard and we must go early’ . Martin How , our Dental Practice Finance […]