The Day After Completion

The Day After Completion - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

The Day After Completion – What Now? The practice is sold, the money invested, the holiday taken and you are back to reality and the rest of your life just started. When you sell your practice there are usually just two choices. Firstly, there’s the “that’s it, where’s my pension? I’m never going to pick […]

Look Ahead when Planning Your Marketing Campaign

Look Ahead when planning your marketing campaign - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Look Ahead when Planning Your Marketing Campaign: 5 Questions to help you plan ahead If you feel your practice has been drifting this year and you’d like to give your marketing a ‘shot in the arm’, this blog is for you. Written by Clear Vision’s dental marketing consultant, it shares 5 questions which successful practices […]

For Those In Peril

For those in Peril - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

I live very close to the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the most southern point of the island of Ireland, the Fastnet Rock. Although I am neither a sailor nor a swimmer of any note I know enough to treat the sea with a great deal of respect. You might imagine that the lifeboats would be […]

Quick Fixes and Small Problems

Quick Fixes & Small Problems - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Quick Fixes and Small Problems As Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” and in the same way that dentists don’t treat perio disease by placing an implant, neither should you try to overcome business leadership and business development […]

The Benefits of Working With A Specialist Dental Solicitor

Dental Solicitor - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

The Benefits of Working with a Specialist Dental Solicitor Dentistry is a strictly regulated industry. Dental practices need to ensure they, and their staff, comply with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission (“the CQC”), the General Dental Council (“the GDC”), along with a number of regulations and acts of legislation. A contractor holding a […]


Incorporation - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

A question many dentists ask themselves is ‘should I put my business through the process of incorporation? In a nutshell, incorporation gives you the chance to benefit from the capital value of your dental practice now, as opposed to when you sell it or pass it on. It can boost your personal income and save […]

Engaging with a New Team

Engaging with a new team - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Engaging with a new team is a crucial first step for any new Principal. So it’s here, at last the big day has finally arrived. You are now the proud owner of a new Practice. The months of negotiations, the sliding of completion date and the last minute hesitations are all behind you. The brief, […]

Protect Yourself from Litigation

Protect Yourself from Litigation - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Simple Steps Dentists can take to protect yourself from Litigation. I sometimes think that the core Daily Mail leadership secretly wishes Mrs Thatcher was still running the country in the belief that she would have sorted out the NHS, Europe and even FIFA with one swing of her handbag. So why have ago at the […]

Market your Dental Practice

Market your dental practice - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

Take a moment to think back over the last week and opportunities you had to market your dental practice. To consider the patients you have seen… I am willing to bet, when you think about it, you can identify instances of where you really made a difference to them. Perhaps you helped them benefit from […]

How Healthcare property owners can save tax

How Healthcare property owners can save tax - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

How Healthcare property owners can save tax Purchasers and owners of commercial property including surgeries, labs and other healthcare venues have an unusual chance to save significant amounts of tax in a way that is encouraged by government.  Current owners and potential purchasers should seek expert advice quickly to secure the value hidden in a […]

Managing Capitation Schemes

Managing Capitation Schemes - Lily Head Dental Practice Sales

It is really important to be proactive when Managing Capitation Schemes  Capitation schemes can be valuable profit centres for your business if managed correctly. There are however risks associated with this type of scheme which can be costly in terms of profit and patient care. Where it can go wrong? The correct distribution of patients throughout the […]

Architecture & Design Specialists to Dental Practices

The Archi Intelligence team have years of experience in delivering architecture and design solutions to the dental industry. The company’s continual strive for excellence is driven via constant innovation, sustainable and future proof design solutions coupled with strong values in maximising our clients operating footprint. Our ethos is to deliver a “right first time, on […]

Final Call for Part-Funded Places on Dental Business Management Programme

Final Call: Part-Funded Places on Dental Business Management Programme Take advantage of the final part-funding available for UMD Professional’s award-winning Dental Business Management Programme!  This course,  leading to the ILM level 7 Diploma in Executive Management, is one of the most comprehensive business management programmes available in dentistry and is intended for dentists and senior […]

Dental Contract Reform – what’s your opinion?

On the 15th January 2015 the prototype stage of dental contract reform was announced by the Department of Health and the Dentistry Show would like to know your thoughts, concerns and questions regarding this. Your responses and queries will, in the run up to The Dentistry Show, fuel the agenda for the BDHF Panel Debate on Friday 17th April, […]

Recall & New Patient Rates by Clear Vision

How do your recall and new patient rates measure up? For the third year running, specialist dental accountants and dental business consultants Clear Vision have published their Annual Dental Business KPI Report. Once again, it reveals the average results they see for four of the most powerful KPIs. Four powerful KPIs which make a difference […]

Open Invitation to the Dentistry Show – Stand B35

Dear all prospective buyers and sellers of Dental Practices, Lily Head and the team are proud to announce we are exhibiting at the Dentistry Show 17th – 18th April 2015. STAND B35 Please do drop by to say hello, sign up for free registration or peruse a selection of our practices for sale.  Also, please […]

UNW….Dental Bulletin February 2015

Mixed practices have most allure  Dental practices offering both NHS and private treatments have most allure to dental practice purchasers according to the latest goodwill survey from NASDAL for the quarter ended 31 October 2014. Alan Suggett, the NASDAL member who carries out the quarterly survey, said that the average goodwill value secured for a […]

Save on Medical Indemnity Insurance

  Save on Medical Indemnity Insurance Traditionally medical professionals have relied on the defence unions to provide them with indemnity cover. However the “indemnity” provided by the defence unions is on a discretionary basis – there is no guarantee that a claim will be paid – and if a claim is declined there are no […]

Dental Specific SEO

Dental specific SEO talent works wonders on Dentist’s website It’s not easy getting started in business, whatever industry you’re in, and with more and more people looking online for dentists, a fledgling dentist practice, or a newly purchased one, needs to have all of the right tools at their disposal to make sure they get […]

Clear Vision Accountancy – 5 Ways to Boost your Business Goals in 2015

 5 ways to score the goals you want to score in 2015   So it’s the new year and chances are you’re looking for further success for you and your dental business in 2015. So let’s kick off with five key actions for you to take now. Five powerful and effective actions which will help […]