New Year Tax Headache- The clocks ticking…

Avoid starting the New Year with a TAX headache. Our professions tax loan facility is now available through our partners, and one of the leading professional lenders out there, offering fantastic facilities to outlay HMRC costs. In financing this annual liability you are able to: Spread the cost over 6 or 12 months Fund the […]

There are 24 hours in everybody’s day – it’s how you use them that matters.

There are, it seems, no end of people who have never held a mirror and probe ready to tell you how to work “smarter not harder” and how to achieve “work/life balance”. Many standard management lessons can be applied to non-clinical areas of dental life but when with patients things are very, very different. Joanna […]

Want to claw back more life for yourself?

If your life is suffering at the hands of your dental business, you’ll be interested to hear this story from our friends at accountants to dentists and specialist dental business consultants Clear Vision Accountancy… Ransley Morenas, Principal Dentist and practice owner at Southview Dental in Kent, had grown disillusioned with his daily work. He felt […]

Need to know where you stand financially? Take control of your money?

Our friends at Clear Vision Accountancy, accountants to dentists and specialist dental business consultants, share how West Country dentist Martyn Cox discovered the key to gaining financial control, and now enjoys less stress and higher profits. They key to getting to grips with your financial position? Management Accounts. Produce regular interim accounts and you: Make […]

Want to see more rewards from the effort you put into your practice?

Our friends at Clear Vision Accountancy, accountants to dentists and specialist dental business consultants, reveal how the owners of a two partner practice in the North of England turned their frustration into profit as they: took one key action made a change to one area of their dental business, and now make an additional £75,000 […]

The Patient Journey…

When all is said and done Put the phrase “patient journey” into Google and you will get 59,600,000 results in 0.33 seconds, that is faster than I can click my fingers. Try another one “customer service” and you get over a billion (1,130,000,000 in case you cared) in 0.2 seconds which must be close to […]

Dental Seminar – tonight at Bristol

Lily is a guest speaker at the Dental Seminar tonight between 6pm and 9pm.

It’s Showtime Folks!

It’s Showtime Folks! I have the great privilege of seeing the dental equivalent of front of house, back stage and, most importantly, the on-stage production. I enjoy being able to bring a sense of perspective to the theatre of dental practice. Having been through my own productions many times, I now see myself in the […]

Dental Seminar Invitation: Bristol

Lily is a guest speaker at the Dental Seminar on 13th November between 6pm and 9pm.

Are you getting enough exposure? Often thought about it but never had the time?…

One of our dental clients offers a tailored internet advertising service to attract new patients for surgeries. Proven SEO (search engine optimisation) campaigns, generally able to save the GDP 60-66% off their marketing costs. With 6 years of experience using their own dental practice as a test practice, where they have audited the results of location, […]

Capitation Schemes – Good for your business? Good for your patients?

Capitation schemes can be valuable profit centres for your business if managed correctly. There are however risks associated with this type of scheme which can be costly in terms of profit and patient care. Where it all starts to go wrong……. There are a number of areas which present risk: The correct distribution of patients […]

Do we make it easy to do business with us?

Do we make it easy to do business with us? “Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are in business.” Dale Carnegie I wonder why so many dentists make it hard to do business with them? The telephone is still the first contact point for patients so it is […]

Superb Opportunity to buy 3D XRAY

3D X-ray unit with Ceph module & XG sensor (pan/ceph) Ceph extension arm left hand side 3D language set – English Implant dongle OP XG 3D RCU XG 3D reconstruction PC Remote control with exposure indication incl 15M cable Extended 5 year generator / sensor warranty 3D Retails for over £100K – we have a […]

March Newsletter

Urgently Sought We urgently seek practices for waiting clients in the following areas: Central London – Client seeks surgery to let, ideally Harley Street or close/prestige area with shared reception facilities.  Squat/Leased premises an option Central London – surgery sought in Prestige area, minimum 2 surgeries Harley Street/similar area – 3,000 sq ft D1 Premises Surrey […]

Have you booked a holiday for 2013?

If not, have you considered the beautiful country of Montenegro? Below is the link to the property in Montenegro that we bought in November.  Right on the sea front with magnificent views.  The 3 bedroom apartment is set on the top floor or a traditionally built Sea Captains House. It is right on the sea […]

Looking for an excellent Dental Solicitor?

Good News! One of the excellent dental solicitors firms Lily Head Practice Sales recommends their clients to is Jenin Khanam at Charles Russell. We’re advised they recently helped secure a UDA uplift on a clients PCT Contract. Susan Hunneyball, a member of their regulatory dental healthcare team has helped secure a significantly uplifted UDA amount […]